Detail of a devotional print for Our lady of the Bullet, 1771


Transcriptions and English translations of historical medical publications printed throughout Latin America, covering a range of topics such as preventive measures against diseases like smallpox and bubonic plague, medical reports on epilepsy, instructions for tuberculosis prevention, and guidelines for handling epidemics like cholera.

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Date Range(s): 1606-1914
Country(ies): Mexico; Venezuela; Guatemala; Chile; Uruguay; Spain;
Course Subject(s): Latin American Studies; Literary Studies; Women & Gender Studies; World History Studies; World Geography Studies
Topic(s): Vaccination; Medical conditions; Health; Quarantine measures; Plague; Epidemic; Hygiene
Document Type(s): Periodicals; Political Cartoons
Language(s): Spanish; English
Physical Repository: Benson Latin American Collection, The University of Texas at Austin

Health and Illness in Latin America (Primary Sources)