The digital collection consists of political propaganda from the period of the Salvadoran armed conflict (1980-1992), produced primarily by clandestine groups and solidarity organizations, as well as the military. The posters contain artwork and photos criticizing U.S. intervention in the conflict, announcing protests, and calling attention to government atrocities. There are posters from more than 21 countries.

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Date Range(s): 1979-2001
Country(ies): El Salvador
Course Subject(s): U.S. History, 1877-present; World Geography Studies; Latin American Studies; English; Spanish
Topic(s): History; El Salvador; Propaganda; Armed Conflict; Government; Human Rights
Document Type(s): Posters
Language(s): Spanish; English; French; German
Physical Repository: Museo de la Imagen y la Palabra, San Salvador, El Salvador

Armed Conflict Collection (Primary Sources)