The Royal Archive of Cholula contains the documentation of the old Corregimiento of Cholula, one of the nine “Cities of Indians” that existed in New Spain. This colonial institution functioned as a district seat and had the powers of government, law, finance, and war over Indigenous villages and the Spanish, Black, Mestizo, and Creole populations.

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Date Range(s): 1571-1834
Country(ies): Mexico
Course Subject(s): African and African Diaspora Studies; Indigenous Studies; Latin American Studies; Linguistic & Language Studies; Religious Studies; Women & Gender Studies; World Geography Studies; World History Studies
Topic(s): Labor; Land; Commerce; Puebla; Government; Colonialism
Document Type(s): Acts; Census; Litigation Records; Deeds; Dowry Letters; Inventories; Licenses; Petitions; Wills
Language(s): Spanish; Nahuatl
Physical Repository: Archivo Judicial del Estado de Puebla, Puebla, Mexico

Royal Archive of Cholula (Primary Sources)